Holistic Healing Massage

Holistic massage is a cleansing, powerful massage that may assist in balancing you on many levels – physical, emotional and spiritual. It will deepen the breath, calm the mind and reduce the effects of physical and emotional stress on the body. Holistic massage aids physical and mental relaxation and promotes well-being by incorporating Reiki healing and a variety of bespoke massage techniques in fluid, rhythmic motion using full hand, forearms as well as the palms inspired by Lomi Lomi help in the relief of stress and associated symptoms such as anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia. Chose a holistic healing massage to feel supremely relaxed, revitalised and restored.

The Benefits of Holistic Massage

 Helps general well-being as the massage helps you to tap into your inner energy supply.


  • This is not just another massage. It is a time and healing space dedicated just for you. A time to be still and experience a true sense of relaxation and peace.

  • This type of massage is holistic, focusing on the ‘whole’ of you and includes the use of Reiki Healing. It works on many levels and can heal your mind, body and soul.

  • Healing Massage helps your body. This gentle massage relaxes taut muscles and can assist with lymphatic drainage, helping to release built up toxins. It benefits the muscular, circulatory, nervous and lymphatic body systems – helping to regenerate and re-balance. Reiki flows to you during the massage and will be focused on any areas of your body that may require additional healing.

  • Stress has a huge impact on our body systems and prolonged stress can cause muscle pain and stiffness too. Painful muscles can also be due to a range of physical factors like gardening, carrying heavy shopping, an over-zealous gym session, or from poor posture. Sitting at a desk or computer for long periods of time can cause discomfort as well. Healing Massage reduces the tension in your muscles, easing pain and assisting with flexibility.

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Luxury Mobile SPA Massage & Pain Management in Suffolk

Areas outside those listed can be accommodated by special arrangement but will be charged an additional fee, please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

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