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For someone like me who works with a lot of clients who have pain due to poor posture and overusing certain muscles, it is essential for me to get an idea of what actions you do repetitively and what kind of soft tissue injuries you may have suffered in the past. From this information, I know which muscles need to be worked on so you get the most of the time you are paying for. This is what is known as a holistic approach to a massage treatment – looking at the person as a whole, not just their symptoms.

Please download and complete the relevant form and hand to me on the day of your treatment. Remember, any information you give will be entirely confidential.

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Mobile Massage Therapy Tips​ 

Tip 1 – Have a nice warm bath or shower before I arrive. This is a great way to start relaxing your muscles before your treatment.


Tip 2 – Take some time out before and after your massage. Try not to plan anything, just give yourself time to roll into the treatment and roll back out the other side.


Tip 3 – Organise food before hand, the last thing you want to be doing is cooking afterwards.


Tip 4 – If you meditate, try meditating during your massage. This can make the experience even more powerful.


Tip 5 – Book early so that you get the exact time and date that you like. I get booked up quickly in the high season, so the earlier the better.


Tip 6 – Make sure the room is nice and warm before I arrive so you are completely comfortable.


Tip 7 – Be honest with me. Let me know exactly what it is you would like in your massage and the type of pressure you would like.


Tip 8 – Have a warm toweling robe or your favourite comfortable clothes to hand for ease of wear after your massage, you can then get directly to a place to relax immediately following the massage.

Tip 9 - Fill out your consultation form prior to your massage, this saves time on the day and doesn't take up valuable treatment time.

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Luxury Mobile SPA Massage & Pain Management in Suffolk

Areas outside those listed can be accommodated by special arrangement but will be charged an additional fee, please contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

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